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Join our exclusive membership club and gain access to podcasts up to 2 weeks before they are released.

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Official Patron



For $3 a month you’ll get early access to all new podcast episodes, whether it be for “The Missing and Unexplained Podcast”, or another project I am working on. You’ll also get exclusive content, a Patreon shoutout and your questions answered on-air, and monthly updates about what I am working on.

  • Early access
  • Exclusive content
  • Patron shoutouts in an episode, and patron questions answered on air
  • Monthly updates on what’s happening behind the scenes

Premium Patron



For $10 a month you get the exact same perks and benefits of the Official Patron subscription, the only difference is you can offer more financial support. For your extra support, I will send you a personalized thank you note.

  • Personalized thank you note


Who am I and why Patreon?

I am a storyteller based out of British Columbia, Canada. At the moment, I host and produce a podcast titled “The Missing and Unexplained Podcast”. I’ve started this Patreon page as a means to support the podcast and other future projects. Given that my podcast often touches on sensitive and emotional subjects, I don’t feel like having advertisements is the most appropriate means to subsidize the podcast. As a result, I am hoping you, the listener, will support me on Patreon.

Why do I need your support?

Your support will go towards maintaining such things as monthly subscriptions to keep the podcast active, the maintenance and upgrade of software and equipment for better audio quality, and to support my small and dedicated team. I will also be donating some of the money accrued to nonprofits and charities related to subjects I cover on the podcast.

Where does your money go?

Here is an approximate breakdown of where your money will go each month:

  • 25% to a non-profit or charity (Until August 1, 2021, 25% will go to the Fowler-O’Sullivan Foundation.)
  • 25% to the sound wizard, Manfred Lotz, who masters the final versions of each podcast episode.
  • 50% to myself and Patreon; the funds I receive will be, as I previously mentioned, used for subscriptions for the podcast, gear maintenance and upgrades.

How often can you expect content?

Because I host, edit, produce, write, and record everything on my own, it takes time for me to put together content, particularly a whole season. That said, as a patron, I vow to give you new content every month, whether it’s a whole new season, exclusive content, a monthly update or a shoutout episode, there will be new content for you to consume. Some months will be lean with material, others may be plentiful, but there will always be something coming down the pipe. I also plan to include some writing projects here in the future, which you’ll have first glimpse of as a patron.

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